What consumers are looking for.

  • How can I find products made by African Americans?
  • I want to buy art created by African Americans. Who sells these items?
  • Are there bookstores that offer a large selection of books written by African Americans? What are their specialties?
  • I am interested in becoming a partner in an African American business. Who can help me?
  • I am interested in selling products made by African Americans. How do I get started?
  • Is there a listing of African American eateries across the country?
  • Are there African American Trade Shows? When do they take place and in which cities?
  • I would like to find an African American folklore teacher to tell stories to my children's club.
  • I want to know where African American shoe shops, barbers and other local businesses are in my community. How do I find out where they are?
  • I want to know how to get African Americans to open shops in my neighborhood. Who can help me?
  • I want to offer jobs to African Americans. Is there a place that can give me the names of qualified candidates?
  • I teach a class that African Americans would be interested in attending. Is there a place to let them know about my school?
  • I have African American friends and business associates. Where can I find gifts for them made by other African Americans?
  • How can I find an African American attorney in the Orange County, New York area that specializes in Real Estate transactions?

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