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  • A website directory that allows you to locate African American Businesses, Products, Goods, Services, Events, Tradeshows, Jobs, Gifts, etc.
  • A staff dedicated to helping people find things sold by African Americans
  • An internet address to list in advertisements so people can locate your business online
  • If businesses relocate, we can update their file

We invite you to send us your contact information and a list of the products or services you offer.

BUSINESSES: When the public logs on to Black Business Directory, they are looking for you! We can even include a hyperlink to your website within your listing! (You must have a listing with us before we can link to your business. Fees start at $27.50 per year or $37.50 with a hyperlink. See below for details.)  Remember, it's FREE for the public to search our site for any business in any town, city and state.

Our listing fees are:

(You may feature a hyperlink to your website in your listing for an additional 10.00 fee.)

(1-100) Employess:   $  27.50 per year, $37.50 per year w/hyperlink to site

(101-210) Employees:   $  65.00 per year, $75.00 per year w/hyperlink to site

(211-350) Employees:   $130.00 per year, $140.00 per year w/hyperlink to site

 (Email for more listing prices.)

Photos and images can be added to your listing at $35.00 each. All charges must be paid in full before posting. You must complete the application before any payment can be made or the listing can be submitted. Please pay by either using the Pay Pal option (this option is available once you have completed the application and clicked the continue button) or by sending a money order. Do not send cash. Get started by printing this form to apply by mail and sending to 602 W. Prien Lake Rd. # 108 Lake Charles, La 70601, or submit online by filling out the form below.

After you have completed this form and clicked submit, you will have the opportunity to upload a photo or logo to be included with your listing. (Additional charge of $35.00 applies.)

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